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Cheers to Dad!

🍻  Say CHEERS to your old man this Father’s Day with Cabana  🍻

All Pops, Papa’s, Dad’s, Daddo’s and Pai’s get a free Pint of Rothhammer Lager on Sunday 16th June when dining with us!

Book your table at your nearest Cabana HERE to avoid disappointment and gain FREE Beer

Minimum spend of £7 available on Sunday 16th June only.

Spice up your Margarita

When you’re feelin’ sad and low

Cabana will take you where you gotta go

Smilin’, dancin’, Tequila makes you happy  

All you need is Margarita Rumble glee! 


OK so we may not have a career as a song writer BUT we can deliver knock out Spicy Malagueta Margarita’s to this years Margarita Rumble!

On Sunday 5th May we’ll be adding some spice to your life favourite Tequila tipple, with our signature Spicy Malagueta sauce, perfectly balanced with Cabana’s Tequila recipe.

Hosted at London Fields Arches and Manchester’s Victoria House, we’ll be joined by 14 other bars & restaurants to compete for the best Margarita and Fiesta like there’s no mañana.

General admission gets you UNLIMITED MARGARITAS FOR 2 HOURS! Yes that’s right, you can sample as many Margaritas as you want for 2 whole hours, or go VIP for an additional 45 minutes!

Use discount code: CABANARUMBLE and receive 30% OFF your tickets

Buy Manchester Margarita Rumble tickets HERE 

Buy London Margarita Rumble tickets HERE

Baba G’s Kitchen Takeover

Hot from their success on BBC 2’s Million Pound Menu, Indian fast food stall Baba G’s are taking over Cabana St Giles for 2 days only!

Baba G’s has been a well-loved regular on the London Street food scene for almost a decade and knocked the socks off Michelin star chef Atul Kochhar and Cabana co-founder Jamie Barber on the show. Liz and Alec (the superstars behind Baba G’s) chose Atul to invest, but nobody puts Jamie in the corner and the FOMO was too much to deal with. So lucky for us Jamie, Atul and Baba G’s have joined forces to bring a Baba G’s pop up to Cabana St Giles on Sunday 10th February and Sunday 17th February. Hurray!

With the help of Atul Kochhar Baba G’s are bringing a newly adapted menu to their Cabana takeover, expect big bold flavours and knock out burgers with a southern Indian twist. Including Lamb Jalfrezi Buger, Spiced Okra Frites, Baba’s Crispy Tikka Nuggets Pachos (a cross between Nachos and Poppadoms) NEED WE SAY MORE!

For both takeovers there will no Cabana food menu available instead a set menu of Baba G’s mains and small plates view HERE, alongside our refreshing Cabana’s drinks menu.

Have you tried our new Coolers and Quenchers yet?

To book your seat at this exclusive pop up click HERE and choose your preferred date and time slot.

T&C’s: Seating will be a mixture of shared and couples on a first come first serve basis. Large groups will not be seated until the full party has arrived.



Hot or Not?

Are you HOT or NOT?
Put your date to the test this Valentine’s, can they handle the Spicy Malagueta or are they too much of a chicken?
Fear not Guava-cue lovers our Valentine’s Hot or Not menu has something for everyone. We’ll provide the spice and leave you in charge of heating up the conversation *wink wink*
Choose from our set menu with 2 courses for £15 and 3 courses for £19.
Hot or Not menu available 14th, 15th, 16th & 17th February (excluding Cabana Covent Garden on 17th Feb) Not valid with any other offer. Not valid on event days at Manchester MEN Arena, Stratford Olympic Stadium, Copper Box & Aquatic Centre at Olympic Park, Wembley Stadium or The O2 Arena.

Join the Cabana Club for 50% Off Food in January

After all the expense of Christmas presents, festive dining and New Year’s Eve celebrations, we’re certainly starting feeling the pinch, and we’re sure we’re not the only ones…
Which is why we’re treating all our Cabana Clubbers  to
Every day in January from the 7th – 31st, every single time they dine.
So, whether they’re getting into Veganuary salads, or still eating away the pain of December hangovers with a big, fat Bossa Burger, they’ll be safe in the knowledge they’re enjoying them for 50% off at Cabana!
Fancy becoming a Cabana Club member? Just sign up here
Offer available to card holder only upon successful scan of unique QR code. Offer is valid for 50% off your total food bill with any minimum spend of £7. Offer valid for Cabana Club members only for groups up to 6 guests. Offer valid 07/01/19 – 31/01/19. Valid with Birthday Offer, VIP Drink Offer & 10% 5 scan offer. Not valid on Saturdays or with any other offer, or on event days at Manchester, Wembley, Westfield Stratford or The O2.

Are you HOT or NOT this Valentine’s Day?

Are You Hot or Not this Valentine’s Day?


Choose from our flame-grilled Spicy Malagueta, or make it mild with a bangin’ Bossa Burger or our mild and creamy Bahian Coconut Curry.

Choose from 2 courses for £15 or 3 courses £19.

What are you waiting for?


Get Loved Up with Our Chargrilled Halloumi and Guava Dip

We all know the story of Romeo and Juliet right? In Shakespeare’s tale, the star-crossed lovers may have ended in tragedy, but in Brasil, they ended up in the kitchen: it’s the name given to their favourite flavour combination of grilled cheese and guava dip. Just like the young couple, these two may looks like opposites, but they’re a match made in heaven.

If you’ve ever tried our Chargrilled Halloumi with Guava Dip, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

And, seeing as this month is laced with the romance of Valentine’s Day, we’re going to Romeo & Juliet it up and give all of you guys FREE Chargrilled Halloumi & Guava Dip with any main bought, whenever you dine with us this February.

The love is real, people!

To get in on the action, sign up HERE.


T&Cs: Offer available to card holder only upon scan of unique QR code. Free Chargrilled Halloumi & Guava Dip dish with any main bought. Offer valid for Cabana Club members only. Offer valid 01/02/18 – 28/02/18. Valid with Birthday Offer, VIP Drink Offer & 10% 5 scan offer. Offer not valid with any other offer (unless stated in previous sentence) or on Event Days at Cabana Stratford, O2, Manchester & Wembley.

Celebrate Malagueta Madness with 50% off this Jan!

First up, a quick lesson on the Malagueta chilli and then we’ll get to the good stuff. Malagueta is an African chilli – the sister to the famous piri piri – which headed to the sunshine of Brasil, and is featured in Cabana’s favourite dishes.

So, why are we telling you all of this? Because for the whole of January, we are giving Cabana Club members

50% off everything ‘Malagueta’

on our menu! And we wanted you to know the backstory of this fiery little guy so you could appreciate how awesome it is.

So how can you get 50% off?
Just sign up to the Cabana Club here and you’re in the club! You’ll receive an email with your unique code to scan, plus all those little t’s and c’s you’ll need to know, and you’re off!

Sound good? Sign up now for 50% off Malagueta.

A proper Brasilian night out in Islington!

Food & lifestyle blogger Gemma, of Food, Fashion & Fitness blog, enjoyed a proper Brasilian night out in Islington this month. She kicked off her night at Cabana Islington before heading over to Sadler’s Wells Theatre to watch Voice of the Amazon. Here’s what she had to say…


“Last week, I was invited to experience a Cabana Night Out – an evening of entertainment, food and fun, kicked off at Cabana Islington, before heading off to the nearby Sadler’s Wells theatre to watch their new dance extravaganza, Voices of the Amazon.


I’d never been to Cabana before (and one just opened in my home city, which is awesome), so I was really excited for my first visit. The location had relaxed, upbeat tropical vibes – denim clad booths and old oil drums painted bright yellow, light fixtures made of sun hats, tin cans bristling full of herbs, and blue ’60s style tiles. Think upcycled, urban, ecclectic chic with heavy tropical colours.


The menu begins with Rio street food, goes through to a variety of skewers, salads, burgers and curries, and ends in a calvacade of chocolate, caramel, cream and fruit. Cabana’s food is bright, vibrant, and the signature sauce – Cabana’s Spicy Malagueta – epitomises their approach to food – smoky, saucy, spicy, piquant and exciting.


To start, we had the prawns, which were perfectly chargrilled with the aforementioned Spicy Malagueta sauce. Smoky, sticky, and juicy, they were some of the nicest chargrilled prawns I’d had in a long time. We also had the salt cod fritters: the perfect ratio of crispy fried exterior and creamy salty interior.


For the mains, we ordered some of Cabana’s famous skewers. You select your chosen meat and seasoning from the menu, and a plate arrives with flatbread, coleslaw, salad, corn and fries, before your meat is brought out and ceremoniously relocated from its skewer onto your platter.


We chose the tenderloin of pork, and the zingy garlic and lemon chicken, which was coated with a thick, slightly sweet and sour sauce that was heavy on citrus, with the garlic taking a back seat. Of the accompanying sides, the slaw was the standout, with a crisp coconut topping that added a creamy, nutty flavour. The fries were perfect – thin cut, bristlingly crunchy, with a depth of flavour that only comes from generous seasoning. The accompanying sweetcorn was served chargrilled and cold, which added an extra nutty layer of flavour, and I loved the sweet, soft flatbread on the side, too. My top tip? Make yourself a wrap and add plenty of coleslaw, Malagueta sauce, coleslaw and your meat, and enjoy – it’s sublime!


For dessert, we enjoyed the churros and a big helping of Brasilian Mess – a take on one of my favourite puddings but with fresh mango, passion fruit and kiwi instead of strawberries. The churros were perfect, and my dining companion (my lovely mum!) said “If I was a doughnut connoisseur, I’d give these 6 out of 5.” Well, I have to say, my mum’s most definitely a doughnout connoisseur (she knows what she likes, and she’s very particular), and so that score is official.


Cabana’s locations are so near some of the best entertainment venues the UK has to offer (with our local being very close to the Showcase Cinema de Luxe, and of course, The Mayflower theatre). The street food menu means you can quickly grab a spread of Rio-inspired tapas for a post-gig rundown, or go for a pre-theatre three-courser like we did. And of course, the amazing range of cocktails is the perfect way to round off the night too. I really loved the party atmosphere of Cabana and it made a perfect start to a wonderful evening.


Cabana Islington is around a ten-15 minute walk to Sadler’s Wells (depending on how many cocktails you’ve had already, of course), where we went to watch the incredible show Voices of the Amazon, from Sisters Grimm and narrated by Jeremy Irons. Sadlers’ Wells is a fantastic, modern venue (with great bars, need I say more…?), comfy seating and an intriguing roster of upcoming shows, which you can see here.


Voices of the Amazon featured some incredible talent, including Royal Ballet’s First Artist Nathalie Harrison, and fused together a gorgeous Brazilian musical score with  elements from ballet, capoeira and contemporary dance. With a minimalist backdrop and searing vocal talents from Kay Elizabeth, the show took us from deep inside the Amazon river, through to the Amazon rainforest, with peril, drama and very real, human emotions. The costuming by Temple Clark was incredible, especially when depicting the colourful birds of the forest (who also had their own dance movements which were beautifully realised by the performers).

The show is best described as an eco-fairytale, with strong messages about respecting the natural world, and its sometimes devestating power. Irons’ narration was essential to the story, and his dulcet tones added great drama and theatre to the proceedings. It was the perfect way to end our Cabana Night Out – although I would have happily returned again to Cabana Islington just for another round of cocktails!


To kick off your next night out, visit Cabana’s website here: https://cabana-brasil.com/.”


Glad you had a great night out Gemma – see you again soon!


Introducing… THE BEER SLAM!

Are you, perhaps, feeling like a beer in this heat? Or maybe its been a long week and a cocktail would better do the trick. But why should you have to choose? Why can’t you have both? Enter, Cabana’s brand new Beer Slam!


The best of both alcohol infused worlds. We’re talking one fresh Caipirinha, Brasil’s national cocktail, ‘slammed’ with a Sagres beer and served in a drinking goblet. We think our Beer Slam may have just be 2017’s ultimate summer drink – *mic drop*.


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