Spice up your Margarita

When you’re feelin’ sad and low

Cabana will take you where you gotta go

Smilin’, dancin’, Tequila makes you happy  

All you need is Margarita Rumble glee! 


OK so we may not have a career as a song writer BUT we can deliver knock out Spicy Malagueta Margarita’s to this years Margarita Rumble!

On Sunday 5th May we’ll be adding some spice to your life favourite Tequila tipple, with our signature Spicy Malagueta sauce, perfectly balanced with Cabana’s Tequila recipe.

Hosted at London Fields Arches and Manchester’s Victoria House, we’ll be joined by 14 other bars & restaurants to compete for the best Margarita and Fiesta like there’s no mañana.

General admission gets you UNLIMITED MARGARITAS FOR 2 HOURS! Yes that’s right, you can sample as many Margaritas as you want for 2 whole hours, or go VIP for an additional 45 minutes!

Use discount code: CABANARUMBLE and receive 30% OFF your tickets

Buy Manchester Margarita Rumble tickets HERE 

Buy London Margarita Rumble tickets HERE