Have you been on a Cabana Night Out recently?

Here at Cabana we LOVE a good night out!

If you’ve been to an event recently, like a gig at The O2, a theatre show in Covent Garden, the cinema in Trinity Leeds, or a night on the toon in Newcastle, and visited Cabana for your pre or post-show fix we want to hear from YOU.

Send us a review of your Cabana Night Out, complete with images, what you ate and drank on your visit, and your thoughts on the event or venue you attended, e.g the film you saw at the cinema, or the gig you went to. Forgot to take a selfie? Don’t let that put you off! If you have a story to share, send it to us and we’ll help make it look sparkly with our own great Cabana pics.

The best Cabana Night Out reviews will feature in our exciting new Cabana Night Out website, and will be shared on all our social media, which has OVER 40 thousand followers! PLUS you’ll receive £10 worth of Cabana bucks to spend on your next visit! So whether you’re a budding blogger, night out aficionado or simply want to share your experience, hit us up!

Send your review (between 250-1000 words), complete with images and why Cabana is the perfect place for your night out to: yasmin@sweetpotato.co.uk. So what are you waiting for. Email us NOW!