Are you HOT or NOT this Valentine’s Day?

Are You Hot or Not this Valentine’s Day? Find out with our BEAUTIFUL VALENTINE’S DAY MENU. Choose from our flame-grilled Spicy Malagueta, or make it mild with a bangin’ Bossa Burger or our mild and creamy Bahian Coconut Curry. Choose from 2 courses for £15 or 3 courses £19. What are you waiting for? BOOK HERE!

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Get Loved Up with Our Chargrilled Halloumi and Guava Dip

We all know the story of Romeo and Juliet right? In Shakespeare’s tale, the star-crossed lovers may have ended in tragedy, but in Brasil, they ended up in the kitchen: it’s the name given to their favourite flavour combination of grilled cheese and guava dip. Just like the young couple, these two may looks like… Read more »

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Introducing… THE BEER SLAM!

Are you, perhaps, feeling like a beer in this heat? Or maybe its been a long week and a cocktail would better do the trick. But why should you have to choose? Why can’t you have both? Enter, Cabana’s brand new Beer Slam!   The best of both alcohol infused worlds. We’re talking one fresh… Read more »

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