Cabana’s Best of Brasil – Classic Rio Snacks

There’s only 1 month to go until the Rio Games, and we CAN’T WAIT! So to channel our excitement and keep us focussed on the fun ahead, we’ll be releasing our definitive guides to all things Brasilian over the next 4 weeks. So whether you’re heading to Rio for the games, or want to capture the spirit of Brasil and bring the party to your back garden this summer, we’ve got our top tips ready for you. So let’s get started!


Best Snacks to Enjoy During the Games

This Summer, many of the Brasilians who haven’t made it to the stadium grounds will be enjoying the games in a boteco (a typical Brasilian bar) over an extra cold chopp beer and some salgadinhos (literally “little salty snacks”). So whether you’ll be jetting off to Rio for the games, or simply want to eat like a Brasilian from the comfort of your own home during the games, here are our 4 top snacks to enjoy:


These crunchy fried rice balls are similar to the Italian arancini. You can find different varieties from bacalhau (salt cod) to carne de sol (beef jerky), but we prefer the simple bolinhos de arroz, which rice and parmesan. Perfect with a squeeze of lime.


The word Coxhina means “little chicken thighs” because they are often shaped to look one, and sometimes even have a chicken bone coming out of them. Every Brasilian has their own recipe for them, but they are typically croquettes of shredded chicken and spices, sometimes also with potato and breadcrumbs. You can grab these at our CopaCabana beach pop-up on the Southbank this summer.


Empadas (or the smaller empadinhas) are little baked pastry pies filled with meat or cheese or a combination of the two, as in the classic frango com catipury – shredded chicken and catipury, a Brasilian cream cheese.


Kibe were made popular by the small Lebanese community, and are an example of the diverse culinary background of the country. They are oval balls of minced lamb, cracked wheat and spices, perfect with a beer on a hot day!