Cabana’s Best of Brasil – Samba Tracks

Samba is the beat of Brasil and the heart of Carnaval, Brasil’s biggest and most famous festival. The dance has African origins, and is characterized by sensual hip movements and the flirtatious passion of the dance partners. The dance is so integral to Brasil that most cities have their own sambadromo, a specially built exhibition space for the local samba schools to perform and compete in. Fancy!

Try out your footwork with the top ten tracks on the Cabana jukebox:

  1. Mas Que Nada – Sérgio Mendes feat. The Black Eyed Peas

  2. Sun is Shining – Bebel Gilberto

  3. Nova Bossa Nova – Marcos Valle

  4. Magalenha – Sérgio Mendes

  5. Menininha – Nu Braz

  6. O Samba É Meu Dom – Wilson das Neves

  7. Emorio – Sérgio Mendes

  8. Summertime – Rosinha da Valença

  9. Brasilian Love Song – Nat King Cole

  10. Take Me Back to Piaui – Juca Chaves

Listen to them HERE