The Cabana Club Loyalty Card

We’ve created an exciting new loyalty card with YOU in mind! We want to treat you for being super loyal Cabana fans! So let’s break down what special treats we have in store for you:

  • When you sign up to the Cabana Club Card (available in store from September 19th) you’ll receive a FREE STREET FOOD right there and then! Once you have redeemed this offer you’ll gain access to your monthly reward, which up until the end of September is a WHOPPING 50% OFF!

  • You’ll receive an awesome “special offer” every single month which will be redeemable ALL MONTH LONG! That means, from now until the end of time we’ll be treating you every single time you come to Cabana! That sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right?

From September 19th our Cabana Club Cards will be available in store. Make sure you get yours!